house of you

i should’ve known when entering the house of you that i needed to leave my heart at the door.  

milky morning sunrise

milky morning sunrise your arms wrapped around me we talked all night under the moon and stars now here we are silent together at dawn but i know this moment is only temporary i’ll soon be back on the road as your breath on the back of my neck sends chills up my spine i…


acceptance. acceptance is a funny thing. we all crave it. we all want it from someone from time to time. sometimes we get it from things without even realizing it. but they can take it away in the blink of an eye, too. take nature for example. the earth accepts you walking on its surface….

wild child

she was a wild child through and through taking comfort in the unknown moving freely around your world she quickly grazes on your thoughts and senses your growing devotion then vanishes as swiftly as she came leaving her alluring fingerprints on your mind

freight train

our one night love passes us by like the rolling of a freight train roaring in strong and leaving with the sound of our thundering hearts


tiny little thing that’s what they say to me tiny little thing that’s how they see me but that’s not how i see myself my mirror is my worst enemy they don’t know how it feels to think oh if i don’t eat that or i shouldn’t eat at all swallowing pills instead of food…

the fog

the fog rolls around me out of me like plaguing thoughts surrounding me in its vacant touch like ashes without a flame it consumes my body i walk on through feeling nothing but my feet hitting the smokey ground it coaxes me in like your touch, your smile when i open my eyes it dissipates…

fire inside

chewing on my lip, i think of what to say. talking into space, filling the air with your void. clinging to the stillness like bark to a tree, i look out onto the mountains and into the sky for any signs of the answers that i seek. the truth comes slowly, drifting with the wind….

Country Kitchen

Jack hadn’t been back to his childhood home in several years. He thought that he would never see the streets he grew up riding his bike on ever again. Once he went away to college in New York City, his focus was fixed solely on his future and never returning to his past. Jack knew…

in her element

walking down the street music in her ears, new kicks hitting the pavement leaving behind all her fears. outsider on the inside her home far away, she’s feeling pride in her hide and in her element today.

take my heart

she felt it inside burrowing deep into her blood and bones then she let out the most beautiful scream standing on the edge she said to the earth take my heart and swallow it whole

little looks

i love those little looks you give me. those little looks that say so much. in those eyes i feel what you feel, and understand the love inside. you say you don’t feel alone when i’m near. you say you just want to be by my side. but when i leave, i leave those looks…