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tiny little thing
that’s what they say to me
tiny little thing
that’s how they see me
but that’s not how i see myself
my mirror is my worst enemy
they don’t know how it feels to think
oh if i don’t eat that
or i shouldn’t eat at all
swallowing pills instead of food
swallowing the pain
swallowing the thoughts
tiny little thing
i look at myself and quickly turn away
it’s not fair, i think
i’m not where i need to be
so i swallow more pills
drink more water
just one more look at the scale
tiny little thing
feeling like a giant
feeling like a monster
avoiding peoples looks
putting thoughts into their heads
another pill, another glass
keep on moving
burn it off
so tired
so sad inside
i can’t do that, i won’t eat this
sinking into myself
hollow happiness each time i feel my body
i need to feel more
i need to feel less
tiny little thing
how i hate those words
if only they knew
but i’ll never tell
not with words
not with my looks
are you happy now?
now that i’m fading away
tiny little thing

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