familiar stranger

familiar stranger watching my life from afar dipping your toes into my world leaving no ripples behind lurking behind your glass walls unapologetically nonchalant what are you waiting for just because i passed you by doesn’t mean you got me dead to rights

haunted eyes

i could swim in the sea of your passing dreams and roam in the wild of your haunted eyes


many miles between us hearts aching as one my journey led me away and i know it’s hurting you our bond can never be broken no matter how far apart we are there will always be a home for your soul next to mine i had to be on my way in order to find…


feeling vacant and cold alien on my own planet landing here without a map and only you on my mind dust covers my face as my feet crack and bleed the sun shines through me my skin unaffected by its heat your voice echoes in my mind i strain to catch it i did all…


the doors to your heart are always locked you swallowed the key years ago and washed it down with my hope

salty lips

kiss me with those salty lips balance my soul on the passing tides my heart has traveled so far to reach you your fluid embrace is all that i crave floating on your lungs as you breathe my mind drifts away from my scattered thoughts every part of me opens up to you and so…

the edge

i reached the edge of the earth only to turn back around to do it all over again i live for the journey and if i’m not wandering i feel lost

bird’s song

i feel like i’ve been walking home for years my compass is broken and my map is torn after following the stars almost every night and wandering through the forests little branches scraping my face i was about to hand over my body to the earth when i heard your voice calling me in the…

scatter your dust

scatter your dust on the painted face of the sky and wait for the moon light to reveal all of the stars that you have become


i saved my last dollar so i could spend it with you but you ripped it in half and told me to change

monumental shift

i’m waiting for the moment to come the monumental shift hanging in the broken balance unsure of what’s to come knowing my threshold is nearing i look inside your eyes for answers but see none there jaded by our fading love you push me away with your sideways glances walking ahead of me always just…

cradle my head

you cradle my head as you swallow me whole i scream into silence my voice muffled by your wings i slip deeper into you falling through your body in fluid slow motion with no idea where you’ll take me i just let go and float down releasing the will inside of me