bended feelings

feeling lost in my own mind thoughts reeling from the night before i can’t come down from these bended feelings baby, you want to know for sure but words like that can’t be said soundless dreams keep me from seeing the truth flashes of the past keep pulling at the seams maybe someday i’ll truly…

salt of sorrow

thoughts fade away bare bones sit exposed i drink up your eyes for several miles the salt of sorrow lingers on your lips our souls suspended in a silent stillness absent sense of touch muted bodies broken apart separated by distance bonded from time


like living in a postcard wish you were here waking up in a haze are these memories or dreams overcome with feelings most i’ve never known i open my hands up to the sky and fall to ecstasy


this photo of you encapsulated in metal broken in time your faces a distant memory that i crave to relive i could travel all over but never find you again you were once in a lifetime with a lifetime that quickly came to an end


shower your light on my brooding mind color my face with your war paint strengthen my shield with the links of your spine dust my skin with the ashes of our past all that i embody is all that you’ve instilled in me i am your warrior


she awoke hair unruly eyes glazed dreams past breathing deep lips parted sigh released thoughts quake she remembers you’re gone

rolling stone

stillness eludes her always on the run she’s such a rolling stone even rolls away from herself


i hear you, lark singing in the distant sky are you sad to know that i’ll never reach up to your great heights that as hard as i try i’ll never see the world from your point of view that the only thing we have in common is the urge to be together


i’ve tattooed my skin with memories of you the shades of my soul bleed the pain that i’ve imbued

peaks and valleys

peaks and valleys form on your face light beams shift beneath your skin i take my last breath and sink into your depths my reflection in your eyes is the last sight i see your never-ending darkness has now become my home

you say

you say you don’t mean it but you do each little jab you chase from your mouth backwards words with meanings so deep they stab right through the wall you’ve built in me


boarding a train leaving where i’ve grown staring out the window daydreaming of the unknown young, numb and riding with each bump and rattle my future becoming less clear i open my book to where my next chapter goes seeing nothing but blank pages because most of my story is untold