the one

iā€™m waiting for the right person the one who can reach me the one that protects me and saves me from the world iā€™m waiting for the strongest the one who battles all my wars shields me from the pain and takes the blows i cannot bear iā€™m waiting for the one who fills up…


sometimes i feel like the shadow of myself caught in a haze of what is real and what is not i cannot look forward i can only see behind me use the lessons i have learned to take my next steps into the unknown i walk with my half-blind eyes to guide my body through…


lost in a world that’s not my own trapped in a corner hard, dark and cold beat down by every word that you say my living nightmare unnoticed by your eyes the pain stabs through leaving internal scars you say you love me but left me to the wolves my silent screams draw no attention…


i fly through your dreams and roam through your thoughts whispering love songs in your ear as i spread my wings around your heart


if i showed you my scars would you run and hide if i bared my broken heart would you fix it or flee if i told you all my wrongs would you accept me for who i am if i asked you stay would you promise to never leave


swimming in a sea encased in a glass tomb searching for a way out not knowing where to go grasping at twigs as they float by i hold my breath and sink beneath the surface blackness covers my eyes losing all sense of direction i float down down down the darkness closes in around me…


say it with the voice that makes your heart quake say it to the doubt that festers in your bones say it to all the past lovers who haunt your fading memories say your truth and nothing but wearing it like armor on your skin


if i had wings i’d fly straight to you

wild blood

she tore from her old body and slipped into the new running towards her heart her wild blood flowing like the river feeling the warm touch of sunlight her flesh awakens in the glow defeated mind turns to fresh spring and she feels her freedom starting to grow