forever deep

my feelings inside i cannot deny your space within me grows forever deep seeing you there then knowing you’re gone casts shadows on my mind each and every time


your words move me from side to side like my favorite song beckoning my heart to follow you wherever you go


wandering alone on a foggy trail relying only on my intuition and the smell of earth beneath my tired feet trembling heart as i reach out with one hand finding nothing but a faded memory of myself circling back through time long forgotten

beautiful truth

conflicted thoughts fill my head my heart unknowing where to go everything feels so strange yet your comfort penetrates my skin your soul reveals itself in your eyes as beautiful truth spills from your lips


i find myself in the mountains i find myself in the unknown i find myself in your eyes and deep down in your soul i find myself in my daydreams and in each new plan i make carving my footprints in your soil with each forward step i take

you again

i never understood happiness until after i lost you and i would dream about what it would feel like to see you again

moving on

working on my own mind in my own time trying not to rush the feelings as they creep in listening to my heart no matter where it starts believing that i can keep moving on

new day

when i look out onto your face it shines so bright in the sun i wonder what you see in me i try to turn my head and shy away you grab my hand and hold it tight leading me to a brand new day

two things

identity and faith two things you need to find within yourself two things no one else can grant you authentically two things that once you find you should always hold on to two things that should grow with you over time two things that can take wherever you may go two things that make you…