wandering is...

...exploring the vast unknown
...looking at the world with open eyes and a curious heart
...leading your soul to fresh sights and sounds
...fundamental to growth and experience
...a connection to ideas and feelings that hibernate deep inside us
...my way of life.

I have loved writing ever since I was about seven or so. I would fill the pages of miniature notebooks with stories and doodles. Journals would line the bottom of my mattress, and I always had to use a particular style gel pen – a habit that has continued into my thirties.

My family moved around quite a bit as I was growing up, instilling in me an innate need for adventureย and create new experiences in unfamiliar surroundings. That itch to get out and explore a vast forest, climb a tall mountain, stroll down a city street, float down a river, or fly to someplace unfamiliar is a constant welcome distraction from the day to day stuff that can weigh me down.

Combining both of those pieces of myself, I decided to create this space to share my short stories, poems, photography, and tales of living the life of a modern nomad. Enjoy them while sitting on your couch enjoying your morning coffee, relaxing by a campfire in the middle of the woods, or while riding the subway on your daily commute.

Feel free to comment on what you read, and reach out if you want to share any places you would recommend I visit and write a story about. You can also see more wanderings by following me on Instagram & Twitter @wanderingroupie.

Live wild – live free,


wandering groupie